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Types of Abuse


What is violence?

Violence is the use of physical force so as to injure, abuse, damange and destroy.


Abuse is:

Abuse is when someone uses their power as a parent, spouse, lover, friend, care-giver, brother or sister to control you and/or….

  • Slaps, punches or kicks
  • Threatens to hurt, or threatens in any way
  • Forces unwanted sex
  • Controls money
  • Makes it difficult to see friends
  • Puts you down all the time
  • Uses hurtful names
  • Is always right and cannot be contradicted
  • Is frightening and unpredictable
  • Is jealous and suspicious
  • In any way makes you feel that you have no control

As women, we often feel that what is happening is our fault. It’s not. Don’t let this feeling prevent you from reaching out for help/support.


Who Abuses?

  • People of all ages, religions, faces, incomes and levels of education
  • People who feel they have a right to control their partners
  • People who abuse are not crazy
  • People who abuse often come from abusive homes
  • People who do not know how to express their feelings

Are you facing abuse?

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