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Plan Ahead

You can’t control your partner’s abusive behavior, but you can take steps to protect yourself and your children from harm.

Whether or not you are ready to leave your abuser, you should consider creating a safety plan. A safety plan helps reduce the risk of being hurt by your partner, and will give you much needed strength and courage to know that you CAN escape this behaviour.

By thinking through it in advance, a safety plan can help you avoid dangerous situations and know the best way to react when you are in danger.

See our tips below for planning ahead.  If you’d like to talk with someone 100% confidentially, call our 24/7 Crisis Line: 1 (800) 565-6878 or Chat with us.

Plan Ahead

Have your plan in place before the next outburst.


Safety plan before the next outburst:

  • Inform neighbours, friends and family that you can trust about the abuse
  • When arguing avoid the kitchen and bathroom areas
  • Teach the children how to call 911
  • Locate all possible escape routes
  • Establish a safety plan with the children
  • Have a safe place to go – day or night
  • Start your own bank account
  • If you’ve been abused before make sure the police are fully aware of the situation
  • Call a Transition House and talk to the staff

Pack a bag with the following items and leave it in a safe place or with neighbours:

  • Extra change of clothing for each person
  • Keep extra cash, quarters, credit cards, bank cards and telephone numbers in a safe box
  • Take one special article for each child when you leave
  • Medication and prescriptions

Take originals of the following items with you: (if applicable)

  • Birth Certificates
  • Status Card
  • Medicare Card
  • Social Insurance Card
  • Custody Agreements
  • Passports
  • Divorce or Separation Agreements
  • Lease or Mortgage Papers
  • Restraining Order or Peace Bond
  • Driver’s License & Registration
  • Insurance Papers
  • Bank Book
  • Address Book
  • Cell Phone
  • Electronics (Computer, iPad, etc)